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Confident leaders inspire alignment.  Happy employees create happy customers.  Skilled workers perform more cost effectively. Performance improves and the word spreads.  A strong reputation attracts the best candidates, and the cycle repeats, creating an upward spiral. 

To create this environment you must train, mentor, and coach leaders and employees, and foster a culture that values creativity, embraces change, and empowers your personnel. Very few organizations can do this alone.  We’re here to help you get there.
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"... we have had great success over the past few months using some of the ideas and techniques that you provided during your seminar.  We have won 3 out of 4 shortlist interviews which has greatly impacted our win/ loss ratio..." 

David A. Bradshaw, PE
Managing Principal
Clark Nexsen

"Thanks again for presenting.  Everyone at our Board meeting today who attended was still raving about it."

Jennifer L. Stutts, CPSM
Director of Communications & Branding
Director of Education
SMPS Tampa Bay Chapter

"...his firm’s name, Performance Management Group, says it all.  Whether you need planning, training, marketing, sales, turnaround, or operational assistance, I highly recommend that you choose Chuck’s firm to enhance your company’s performance.”

Nick Athens
EcoVac Services

"Chuck has well rounded skills in planning, operations, and business development, so he understands the big picture and was able to help our firm with a wide range of issues from collections to winning new contracts.  

His behavioral based business development approach is unique,
and it works.  We were able to obtain a position on winning teams for contracts that we likely would not have pursued without his help.  

I've learned a lot from him."

Cindy L. Duhm, MBA
Chief Administrative Officer
Chastain-Skillman, Inc.
Performance Management Group, Inc.
Business Management Consulting
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Current Topic
The Key to Strategic Success…Tactics

General George S. Patton, Jr. correctly stated, “Good tactics can save even the worst strategy. Bad tactics will destroy even the best strategy.” It's ironic then that many organizations, both private and public, routinely convene a meeting of their top minds to prepare or update a strategic plan, yet very, very few organizations actually perform tactical planning. This is in spite of the fact that most organizations recognize that change management can be very difficult.  

Strategic planning is primarily directed at identifying what to change. Yes, many strategic planning sessions will toward the end include the definition of key action items and identification of responsible parties for their performance, but this does not fulfill the function of a tactical plan, which is directed at the details of how to change. Tactical plans are usually best prepared by a different group of people than those engaged in strategic planning, and the plans must be detailed, dynamic, flexible, closely monitored, and functionally specific, because different tactics may be required of different departments or business units to achieve the same desired strategic outcome.  

Tactical planning deserves careful consideration because each possible alternative approach may have associated collateral impacts. Such impacts may not be favorable, result in unintended consequences, or have cross functional influences within the organization or the environment in which the organization operates. Consideration also needs to be given to leveraging the power of hidden leaders within the organization to whom others look for direction and security. This is exceptionally important for achieving organizational alignment, which is much like vector addition. As shown in the diagram below, the black vectors represent the efforts of individiuals within the organization. These efforts have direction, and vary in magnitude as represented by the length of each vector. The green vector is the sum of the black vectors. As shown in the top half of the diagram, an organization that is characterized by poor alignment can expend a lot of effort and achive very little progress toward the goal represented by the green star. Although alignment will never be perfect, the good thing is that even a modest improvement in alignment, as shown in the bottom half of the diagram, results in a tremendous improvement toward achievement of the goal. Thus, by supporting superior alignment, tactical planning can dramatically improve your return on investment in change.  

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