Your organization will experience a higher return on investment using PMGI because our cutting edge approaches, educational content, knowledge, and experience with best practices provide a competitive advantage, especially in markets where it’s difficult to differentiate your organization.  

Private and government sector organizations engage Chuck and his firm, PMGI, to assist them in elevating their performance.  In the government sector this means accomplishing more with fewer resources, improving the performance of individual personnel and how that contributes to organizational performance, and more consistently and reliably achieving organizational goals through superior alignment.  In the private sector this means increasing revenue and profit, improving morale, employee satisfaction, and productivity, and establishing and achieving aggressive performance goals on a consistent basis.  

These improvements are accomplished by PMGI facilitating their integrated strategic, tactical, and financial planning, elevating leader and employee performance through training and coaching, and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations by helping them to adopt best practices, effectively manage change, and through direct involvement launching new initiatives, performing turnarounds and start-ups, and assisting with acquisition candidate identification and integration.  

Private sector companies find that Chuck's unique approach to persuasive communication helps them to achieve higher revenue and profitability because it increases their return on investment on marketing and sales. This unique communication process, called CRACOM(TM), is based on scientific principles shown to enhance their customer receptivity, comprehension, alignment, unaided recall, motivation, and response. The approach is described in Chuck's book "Seven Secrets to Superior Presentations,” available on Amazon.  This process is also the key to government organizations achieving greater personnel alignment, which dramatically enhances what can be done within existing funding constraints.

You can also inspire your personnel by engaging PMGI to deliver educational and motivational presentations for organizational events such as annual management meetings. To book Chuck as a speaker for your organization's event call (863) 529-2126.  A list of his upcoming and completed public speaking engagements is provided under the Request a Speaker tab of this website.

Don’t ever lower your expectations; instead, elevate performance by calling PMGI.

A few of our clients...

  • Bowie Gridley (architectural firm)
  • Building Technology Pty Ltd (consulting firm in Australia)
  • CEMS Engineering-Architecture (multidisciplinary firm)
  • Citigroup (world’s largest financial services network; $76B)
  • City of Ocala, FL
  • City of Port Orange, FL
  • Colombo & Colombo (law firm)
  • Confidential $500M design consulting firm
  • Cox Fire Protection (life safety systems design)
  • England-Thims & Miller, Inc. (engineering firm)
  • Environmental Consulting & Technology
  • Faller Davis (engineering and environmental firm)
  • Florida Engineering Society (Florida’s state chapter ACEC)
  • Florida Floodplain Managers Association
  • Freese & Nichols (engineering, architecture, environmental science, construction services, and planning firm)
  • Goodwyn, Mills, & Cawood, Inc. (architecture and engineering)
  • Grimail Crawford (engineering firm)
  • HealthSource (the nation's #1 ranked health services franchise 7 years in a row)
  • JLRD (MEP engineering firm)
  • Landrum & Brown (global aviation planning and development)
  • Lemartec Corp. (design-build construction management)
  • Lindabury, Estabrook, McCormick & Cooper (law firm)
  • MARRS Services, Inc. (engineering, management, and environmental services)
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • NicholsBooth Achitects (interior environment design)
  • ProcessMap Corp. (global enterprise EHS software firm)
  • PSMJ (management consulting firm)
  • Rejuva Stem Cell Clinic (cutting-edge stem cell treatment)
  • RS&H (architecture, engineering, and consulting firm)
  • Suffolk Construction ($1.3B construction company)
  • Summit Engineering, Laboratory & Testing, PC (environmental, geotechnical, forensic, and structural engineering)
  • US Flood Control Corporation (world's #1 flood control product)
  • Walker Parking Consultants (consulting and design firm)
  • Weiler Engineering Corporation (civil and structural engineering)
  • Wiley Wilson (architecture and engineering)
  • Woolpert (design, geospatial, and infrastructure management firm)

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