The benefit of our experience and objectivity...

No one knows your organization better than you do, especially if you’ve been there a long time…but such familiarity can at times seriously limit the ability to objectively identify and implement opportunities for improvement that facilitate higher performance.  Additionally, while there are benefits to having employees with long tenure in an organization, with these benefits comes an inherent lack of exposure to alternative approaches. 

Your organization can benefit greatly from the broad range of experience and objectivity we bring to the table.  You’ll have access to knowledge regarding a wide range of best practices, problem solving techniques, and technically and economically feasible solutions that can be applied to your situation.  This is because we’ve worked with organizations ranging in size from start-ups to over $70 billion in annual revenue, and with a broad range of government agencies and private sector industries.  And, as documented by Genrich Altshuller, the well-known Soviet engineer, inventor, and scientist who developed the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (known best by its Russian acronym TRIZ), the most beneficial solutions often come from outside your industry.  So, while you’ll benefit from our dedication to understanding your organization and business model, you’ll also find that we bring a broader perspective that can be very beneficial for enhancing performance.

The relationship with change management...

Appropriate solutions to issues often require the organization or certain individuals to change their behaviors, and many people resist change.  For this reason, our consulting services directed at providing solutions and enhancing performance routinely incorporate proven change management principles that address the emotional as well as the cognitive aspects of embracing new concepts and practices. 
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Some examples of issues we've addressed for others...

  • Providing interim leadership during a transition
  • Turning around underperforming business units
  • Resolving interpersonal issues within departments
  • Breaking down silos between functional departments
  • Establishing programs that incentivize desired behaviors
  • Launching new service, market, and geographic initiatives
  • Starting up new companies and offices
  • Evaluating acquisition candidates
  • Integrating acquired firms
  • Developing marketing and sales plans
  • Developing a new product for a global manufacturing firm
  • Optimizing production logistics
  • Negotiating with regulatory agencies
  • Lowering risk profiles
  • Collecting on large, past due accounts
  • Facilitating public meetings
  • Facilitating strategic planning
  • Aligning and motivating employees in relation to plans
  • Solving communication problems
  • Ghost writing presentations and speeches
  • Ghost writing proposals
As a
we provide solutions and facilitate progress
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We combine tools, experience, and creativity to overcome barriers... 

Your organization’s people and culture are unique. But, you can count on us being able to apply proven solutions to your organization’s specific situation.  This is because we’ve developed a high degree of adaptability by working in a broad range of environments and circumstances.  This experience is critical to achieving desired outcomes with minimal unintended consequences. 

You’ll find that our solutions are sustainable because we use analytical tools such as force field, attribute, and root cause analysis to address the true issues and not just the symptoms.  Additionally, you won’t have surprises because we establish a system of leading metrics that provide proactive detection of potential variances from desired performance, enabling small adjustments to be made in real time to optimize results.  This approach is far superior to using only lagging metrics, which typically allow weeks and months to pass before variances are detected and corrected.
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