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No other skill likely has greater impact on your organizational and personal success than your ability to develop and deliver presentations capable of educating, persuading, motivating, and entertaining others.  Whether you’re presenting your organization’s capabilities, products, or services to a client or customer, new ideas to your firm’s executives or stakeholders, strategic plans to your employees, training to your personnel, critical information to the public, or a paper at a conference, how you present the information is as important as the content.  

Performance Management Group, Inc. offers CRACOM™, a unique communications consulting service that combines an array of scientific principles shown to enhance audience receptivity, comprehension, alignment, motivation, unaided recall, and response in a way that no one has accomplished before. This service can increase your organization’s return on investment, help you achieve goals more consistently and rapidly, and if you’re in the private sector, give your organization a true competitive advantage, even in markets where it’s difficult to create differentiation.  Additionally, it applies to both group and one-on-one presentations.  

We focus our approach on those seven controllable factors that have the greatest impact on effectiveness because these seven factors have more influence on success than the sum of all other factors combined.  This highly focused approach enables students of our method to rapidly learn and apply their new skills with a high degree of success.

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The role of the
Receptor-Oriented™ approach...

Considerable attention is given in published literature and conference presentations to how generation, gender, racial, ethnic, and personality differences impact communication and behavior.  However, when it comes to responding to presentations, all people are driven by three things – gaining status or extreme economic benefit, what’s good for people, or meeting requirements – regardless of their other characteristics. And, their decision making process is more heavily weighted toward emotion and benefits rather than rationale and features.   
Using our approach you can achieve desired outcomes a higher percentage of the time because we show you how to leverage the underlying science that drives these behaviors.   
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