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Besides the obvious benefit of keeping your internal resources focused on production activities that serve your clients and customers, by using PMGI to write your proposals you will experience a higher probability of success.  This is because we prepare proposals using the Receptor-Oriented™ approach, which means that in the final product:

  • There is a clear, differentiated message

  • Content reinforces the message and is expressed in a manner that resonates with reader orientations

  • Features are translated into benefits, followed by the enabling features

  • Trigger words are used to enhance credibility

  • Graphic design is used to create a reading environment that is consistent with the message

  • Color is used to leverage both its psychological and physiological impacts

  • Unaided recall, which promotes a higher score, is facilitated by the use of real, relevant stories and images, and

  • The layout is devised using scientific principles that promote reader attention and reduce reader fatigue. 

Additionally, you won’t need to incur the cost of keeping a large staff on board to address peak workloads because we’re available when you need us and not on the payroll when you don’t.

What to expect...

The vast majority of people think and write in terms of features (e.g., the company was founded in 1960, we have 2,000 personnel in 15 offices, or 30% of our employees have been with the firm for more than 15 years).  We don’t.  We think and write in terms of benefits for your client or customer.  This approach improves the likelihood of your proposal being successful because we do the work of converting features to benefits instead of making the client or customer do the work, and it helps to keep the client or customer from coming to an unintended, detrimental conclusion.

By us making the effort to translate features to benefits we make the information more relevant to your client’s or customer’s needs, preclude the potential for adverse interpretations, and increase your likelihood of achieving the desired outcome.

In preparing proposals we also employ scientific principles that improve reader attention, comprehension, unaided recall, and response.  This approach affects the organization, layout, and appearance of the proposal, so the odds are that a proposal prepared by PMGI will look different than those you have previously prepared internally.  However, we find that once a firm sees one of our proposals, they generally adopt our methodology, because it works.
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The logistics of using an external proposal writer...  

Your probability of a win will be higher and your costs will be lower if you involve PMGI immediately following your decision to submit a proposal -- and that decision is best made quickly rather than consuming valuable proposal preparation time with the decision process.  Although we have performed many last minute proposal “rescues,” you’re far better off engaging us early.

In those instances where you know definitively that you’ll be submitting a proposal in response to an upcoming solicitation, it’s best to engage us to start work on various components of the proposal before the solicitation notice is published.  Such work can be focused on tailoring resumes, project summaries, and other background information, leaving more time for crafting a winning technical approach once the solicitation notice is published. 

With today’s technology, the majority of the proposal effort can typically be accomplished remotely.  Even kick-off and progress meetings can be effectively conducted remotely using video conferencing, Skype, WebEx, or GoToMeeting services.  This keeps costs low and productivity high.

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