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  • Your organization will experience a greater return on investment from our firm’s educational programs because our approach is based on a unique, scientific method of communicating information in a way that supports higher attendee receptivity, comprehension, unaided recall, and response.  As the developer of this Receptor-Oriented™ approach (the underlying foundation of our book Seven Secrets to Superior Presentations), we’re currently the only firm skilled in its use. 

  • Members of your organization who attend our training will receive cutting edge content because all of our programs are updated frequently to reflect new developments.  These frequent updates give organizations who engage us as their training partner a competitive advantage.  

  • You get higher value from our programs because at competitive fees we still manage to customize the training program to your organization. By doing this, the attendees receive training that’s relevant to their job responsibilities and work environment, which helps them to pay greater attention, and better implement what they’ve learned when they leave the classroom. 

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If you want higher performance, even your trainers need training.  Our Train-the-Trainer programs expand your trainers’ knowledge of content, and enhance their presentation skills, so that they can pass greater value on to your employees. 

More information about our Receptor-Oriented™ approach, which provides the foundation for all our presentations, including training, is available in Seven Secrets to Superior Presentations, written by PMGI’s Founder. 

Click here to purchase a copy of Seven Secrets to Superior Presentations.