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15 Questions Every AEC Employee

Should Ask Their Clients

Webinar Overview


Initiating a meaningful dialogue with your clients on critical topics and keeping them talking is key to:


  • Improving your company and individual performance

  • Understanding your client's business

  • Evaluating your competitors

  • Cross-selling your services

  • Expanding your client base

Regardless of your level in the organization, you need to know specifically what questions to ask. And you need to know how to ask in a way that will get your clients talking and keep them talking while you gather intelligence that will help you grow your business, elevate your firm's status in their eyes, strengthen your relationship with the client, and improve your return on business development investment.

You'll leave this webinar with guidance on what to ask, and knowledge and techniques for framing questions in a way that will help you be a better conversationalist and keep the client talking whether it's in person or on the telephone. This will help you lay the foundation for greater success.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn 15 questions that you should be asking to initiate a meaningful dialogue with your clients.


  • Learn the difference between open- and closed-ended questions and when to use each.


  • Learn how to be a better conversationalist so you can keep the client engaged as you gather valuable intelligence.


  • Learn how to end the conversation in a way that opens the door for future conversations.

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Webinar Registration Cancellation Policy

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Presenter Bio

Chuck Roberts


The challenges you face winning work are well understood by Chuck because he's an engineer with 40 years of experience. This has included serving as a Seller/Doer, Corporate Director of Business Development, COO, CFO, and CEO of national and international multidisciplinary AEC firms serving private and government sector clients. 


As a technical person who doesn't like to lose, early in his career Chuck began researching how to leverage science to win contracts a higher percentage of the time.  The product of his more than 30 years of research is a proprietary communication process called CRACOM, which was chosen as the subject of an Innovation Showcase by the International Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations, and featured at the International Association of Business Communicator's World Conference. 


Because of Chuck's reputation as an expert on persuasive communication and transformational leadership, firms have relied on him to perform 12 turnaournds, 11 startups, launch countless new service, market sector, and geographic initiatives, and be the Professional Ghostwriter of their proposals, SOQs, and shortlist presentations. 


To date, the organizers of more than 120 conferences and corporate meetings have invited Chuck to speak at their events. He is the author of two books, more than 70 published articles, and is a highly acclaimed Executive Coach.​ Chuck is the President and CEO of Performance Management Group, Inc.

Regarding Continuing Education Credits

Performance Management Group, Inc. (PMGI) is approved by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers as a provider (No. 0005276) of continuing education for Professional Engineers.


Each attendee submitting a paid registration will receive a Professional Development Hours (PDH) course completion certificate for self-reporting purposes. 


Many states and various professional societies and associations accept Florida-approved PDH, but you should check to confirm this with organizations and states where you are licensed, registered, or certified, and verify they will accept education credits on the course topic.

What attendees say about our training...

"This is one of the best sessions I've been to with actual demonstrated 'how to' information that I can apply where I work."


"We have had great success over the past few months using some of the ideas and techniques that you provided during your seminar.  We have won 3 out of 4 shortlist interviews which has greatly impacted our win/loss ratio."

"Chuck Roberts really held the attention of the room -- I think everyone left wishing the session was an hour longer because he just kept providing value."

"Excellent!  Bring Chuck back for other topics."

"Concise and informative."

"The presenter did a good job of explaining the material that made it easy for the audience to grasp -- ideas like these are very helpful."

"Thank you for the excellent two days of [PM] training and discussion.  I hope to take your proposal training in the future."

"The class was very beneficial and gave me a new perspective."

"Concise tips and a framework that is sensible and helpful."

"I learned so much in a short time."

"Great content explained clearly."


"Great insight.  After 30 years in the profession, nice to learn something new and innovative.  Thank you!"


"So many new ideas, my mind is blown!"


"Extremely knowledgeable presenter with depth and candor."


"Chuck is very methodical and informative, and pretty humorous." 

"Chuck's presentation style is very easy to listen to, topics were in well-defined segments.  Good summary at end."

"Exceptional content that I can take action on in my role."

"So much knowledge."

"All suggested activities are do-able."

"I enjoyed the time immensely.  It was a very insightful class.  Quite a few 'nuggets' of wisdom and applicable information that I see will aide me in this Project Manager role." 

"Terrific practical tools for our industry."

"Great presenter, engaging content, and super helpful visuals."

"Really good content.  Great tools, simple for most firms to implement."

"Many helpful real-world tips."

"Great info that can be immediately applied."

"The time spent in your Project Manage-ment Training class this past week was awesome.  Thank you!  Your presentation skills are 'off the hook' leaving your audience with much to think about regarding self-improvement...The knowledge and experience you impart, the confidence you exude, and the poise of your presentation made the learning experience very different from any other training I've attended.  It made one want to change.  It was a packed two days with valuable information, but more impor-tantly, it provided a benchmark from which to jump and take hold of the resources and opportunities that are out there 'for the taking'...if you prepare.  Your class was more of an experience than it was training -- thank you again!"

"Thank you so much; it was a great course!   I have been carrying around your notebook and trying to  put your ideas and best practices into the two proposals I currently have  on my plate!"

"Thanks for putting on another inspiring class!"

"Has in-depth examples along with his superior knowledge."

"I really enjoyed your class."

"Thanks for getting our new training program off to a great start!"

"...Thank you for being such an amazing and valued partner."

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