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Many firms confuse their logo and corporate style guide with branding.  True branding is about determining how you want to position your firm in the marketplace, differentiating your firm from competitors, and then crafting a method for effectively communicating that information to your clients or customers in a manner that makes your firm easily recognizable, distinguishable, and captures their mind share.  Doing this properly (so that your brand is effective) requires the use of analytical tools such as qualitative or quantitative 3-dimensional positioning and attribute analysis, competitor analysis, and applying the cutting-edge science of persuasive communication.  If you want to get a return on investment in branding, engage us to help you do it correctly.  


Most firms find it difficult or impossible to turn around a failing business unit or company because it takes a special set of skills they don't have. You can rely on us to provide the transformational leadership skills and expertise to turn the troubled unit or company around, either by coaching your leader or serving as interim leader during the turnaround, and set it on a path for sustainable high performance.  It can then be turned back over to your existing leader because it will then be in a transactional operational mode.  The turnaround process involves rapid identification of the problem's root causes, developing and implementing a turnaround plan, and treating the symptoms to reduce adverse effects until the turnaround is complete.  


The most important thing you should be thinking about today is not how to hire new talent or get all the work you have done on time without compromising quality, it's preparing for the next economic downturn.  This is because our economy is cyclical, and the next downturn is coming -- we just don't know when.  If you prepare properly today, you can make the conscious decision not to participate in the next recession and keep growing both the top and bottom lines in spite of the economy.  You'll have a strong competitive advantage during difficult times by engaging us now because we'll identify specific actions you can implement today to greatly enhance your organization's resilience and immunity to the adverse effects of economic fluctuations.   

Interim Leadership


Don't let resource limitations or the inability to identify the right permanent hire keep you from launching new market, service, product, or geographic initiatives, implementing a leadership transition, or making other critical changes because you can rely on us to provide highly effective interim leadership that meets your needs until you find the right person for the job.  In fact, you'll typically have access to greater expertise with our interim leadership than you're likely to have when you find the candidate you will hire to fill the position.  In this manner your firm will experience better performance during the transition, and your new hire's success will be facilitated by our establishment of best practices during our tenure as interim leader.  

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What you can achieve...

Higher Revenue and Profit with Lower Ris

Higher Revenue, Higher Profit, Higher Morale, Lower Risk


Your organization will be able to increase marketing and sales effectiveness with our guidance, providing you with higher revenue, a larger backlog, and lower overhead that will increase your profitability.  These improvements, combined with our training programs to elevate your employees' capabilities will allow you to operate with much less risk exposure. 

Sustainable Competitive Advantage.jpg

Sustainable Competitive Advantage


With a focus on internal factors that you control, you'll experience a powerful and competitive advantage that is sustainable because it will be difficult for competitors to detect, and even harder, if not impossible, for them to replicate.  This approach yields a higher return on equity for your shareholders, carries much less risk than trying to anticipate market trends, provides greater security for your employees, and reduces the need for constant change. 

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Higher Morale, Alignment, and Employee Engagement


You'll be able to increase morale, ,organizational alignment, and employee engagement with our assistance addressing the number one issue that employees identify as being in need of improvement:  communication.  And, happy employees lead to happy clients, making marketing and sales easier and lowering your risk profile.

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Consistently Reliable Predictable Performance


Your ability to make sound business decisions depends greatly on your firm's ability to consistently and reliably deliver predictable performance.  With our assistance implementing best practices and forward-looking metrics you'll be able to identify emerging issues early and make minor adjustments to keep performance on track.  This reduction in performance variations relieves a lot of stress, gives employees a more comfortable and secure feeling, and enhances their perceptions of your leadership skills.

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