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Increase your win rate

and morale by letting us ghostwrite your proposals and presentations

About Ghostwriting...

Ghostwriting is more common than you think (it's estimated that 25% of New York Times bestsellers are ghostwritten), and you can gain a substantial competitive advantage, increase revenue and profit, and improve morale by having our professional writers prepare your proposals and presentations (and technical reports).  This is because our personnel have all three of the attributes required to get a higher score:  knowledge of proprietary persuasive communication techniques (CRACOM     );  a technical background; and extensive business knowledge and experience.  The higher win rate will lower your overhead, and your employees will love you for relieving them of the burden of writing.

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Level I Ghostwriting

The three levels of professional ghostwriting differ greatly in involvement, complexity, effectiveness, and cost.  At all three levels you are responsible for completing required certification forms, assembling and binding the final document, and delivery to the client.  At Level I, you develop the draft proposal or presentation and the professional ghostwriter does three things:  help you develop a differentiated message focused on a battle you can win; confirms that RFP requirements have been met; and organizes or reorganizes the content within a structure that makes it easy to find and comprehend, which encourages selection committee members to read or listen to more of your content and give you a higher score.  

Level II Ghostwriting

At Level II, the ghostwriter develops the body of the proposal or presentation for you (excluding resumes, boilerplate, and the technical approach).  For presentations, this includes the slide deck and script.  This level includes the three elements of Level I, plus seven additional elements that leverage a wide range of cutting-edge scientific principles demonstrated to achieve desired outcomes a higher percentage of the time.  This includes a principle called the Mere Exposure Effect, shifting the focus to the client, translating features to benefits, aligning content with receptors, modifying content to reduce the potential for Inference Observation Confusion, adding trigger words, and translating narrative to graphics, where possible.  

Level III Ghostwriting


At Level III, the most powerful form of ghostwriting, the ghostwriter prepares all sections of the proposal or presentation for you, including all elements associated with Levels I and II, plus seven additional elements.  These include: the project team organization structure and accompanying narrative: project summaries; resumes; boilerplate sections (e.g., Cost and Schedule Control, Quality Control, Staffing Plan); innovative technical approaches; innovative leadership, management, and operational approaches; and information design (which encompasses the application of scientific techniques designed to increase scores through the use of design elements such as the cover, color palette, layout, font, and justification).

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Keys to success...

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Engage Us Early


Engage us early so that together we're are able to make use of the full amount of time allowed by your client to prepare the proposal or presentation.  In fact, if you're thinking of engaging us on a future solicitation, it's smart to get a contract mechanism in place now so we don't need to consume time doing that after you receive the solicitation or shortlist notice.   Engaging us early, before your personnel begin working on your proposal or presentation, will also preclude the potential for rework.

Prepare for Presentations Like Any Compe

Presentations Are Competitive Events: Train Appropriately


Shortlist presentations are a competitive event.  You wouldn't get into the MMA octagon without training or you'd be beaten (figuratively and literally).  So, proper preparation for a shortlist presentation, like any competitive event, requires learning and practicing fundamental skills under the guidance of a trainer or coach before working on event-specific strategy.   If you wait until the week before the presentation let us to train your team, they'll be at a great disadvantage and no matter how good the content is, their delivery, and your score, will suffer.   

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Make Prudent GO/NOGO Decisions


Ghostwriting can significantly increase your score on proposals and presentations, but even ghostwriting may not be enough to overcome a situation where your firm simply lacks the qualifications to pursue a particular contract, the client doesn't like your designated project manager, or you haven't expressed any interest in the  client by spending time with them prior to the solicitation.  So, it's always a good idea to make wise decisions regarding what clients and projects you pursue.

Learn From a Practicing Professional


You'll learn more from Chuck Roberts than a regular instructor because Chuck is an internationally recognized speaker who has been invited to speak at more than 100 corporate events and conferences.  He also has 40 years of experience preparing and delivering presentations and participating in interviews for competitive solicitations.  You can see excerpts from one of his presentations in the attached video.

What is CRACOM  ?

What is ghostwriting?

We wrote the book

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Seven Secrets to Superior Presentations.
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