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Marketing & Sales Skills

Whether you use the seller/doer model or a dedicated sales force, you can increase your return on business development investment by engaging us to train your personnel in the science of marketing and sales.  Business development is a learned skill, not a gift, meaning that anyone can significantly improve their current performance with the right guidance and techniques.  Your personnel will learn a highly effective proprietary approach called CRACOM     in our training.  This methodology has been demonstrated to increase your ability to achieve desired outcomes a higher percentage of the time.  PMGI is the developer of CRACOM      and only firm that offers instruction in this cutting-edge scientific process.

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Presentation Skills

Your persuasive presentation skills are likely to have more impact on your organizational and personal success than any other factor.  This is because it directly impacts your ability to win contracts, align, motivate, and inspire employees, and establish positive perceptions of your organization.  Despite the importance of presenta-tion skills, more than 99 percent of all people communicate backwards from the most effective approach when trying to be persuasive.  This import-ant course shows how to correct that problem and significantly improve your effectiveness by leveraging scientific principles that increase audience attention, receptivity, comprehension, alignment, unaided recall, motivation, and response.

Project Management

Your risk exposure will be lower, you'll make more profit, and you'll be able to more consistently and reliably deliver projects on schedule when your personnel have completed our project management training.  This is because while we call it project management, we focus on proactive project leader-ship, with a heavy emphasis on communication.  This emphasis is critical because communication is a root cause of more than 90 percent of all project problems.  This thorough course covers the turnkey project management process from defining a tight scope and accurate fee estimate in the proposal, to negotiating the fee, terms, and conditions, and all the way through project execution, collections,  and closeout.   

Leadership Skills


Elevate your organization's perform-ance by providing your existing and future leaders with the full comple-ment of skills necessary to achieve high performance while aligning, inspiring, and motivating employees  and proactively addressing the wide array of business requirements they must handle.  Pick and choose from our 27 leadership modules or imple-ment the entire program designed to provide your leaders with well-rounded capabilities.  The modules cover all essential skills from integrated planning, marketing, sales, and operational leadership, through negotiation, contracts, financial analysis, troubleshooting, and crisis management, as well as other critical skills.   

Make Writing Easier and More Effecitive.

Superior Writing Skills

Your proposals will win a higher per-centage of the time, and your reports will be perceived by clients as having greater value as decision documents when your personnel have superior writing skills.  This cutting-edge course provides instruction on the science of persuasive communication as applied to the content and structure of written documents and teaches techniques that your personnel can immediately implement to more easily achieve superior results.  It also provides instruction on how to differentiate your firm in proposals, earn extra points in boilerplate sections, and recast the selection committee's perspective on what's important so that your firm is perceived as superior to the competition. 

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Negotiation Skills

Your ability to negotiate effectively can dramatically lower your risk exposure while increasing profitability and main-taining a positive relationship with the opposing party.  Maintaining the relationship is particularly important when negotiating with a client or someone you'll need to interact with again in the future.  This course covers integrative negotiation strategies and tactics, persuasive communication techniques that leverage proven scientific principles, guidelines for selecting your negotiating team, and tools and techniques for identifying creative solutions to challenging situations.  You'll have a distinct advantage after taking this course because few people have been formally trained in negotiation skills. 

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Supervisory Skills

Employees exhibit higher perform-ance, productivity, morale, and loyalty when they have a positive relationship with their supervisor, and the super-visor is sufficiently skilled that they earn the employee's respect.  Your organization's exposure to potential employee claims depends heavily on this relationship, as well.  Yet, few leaders, managers, or supervisors have had formal training in supervi-sory skills.  This presents a tremen-dous opportunity for you to lower your risk exposure while enhancing individ-ual and organizational performance.  Your personnel will develop valuable supervisory skills in this workshop, which addresses a wide range of essential topics from communication and teambuilding to legal compliance. 

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Business Planning Skills


Developing a sound corporate busi-ness plan depends heavily on the ability of your business unit leaders to prepare integrated strategic, tactical, and financial plans for their areas of responsibility because higher indivi-dual unit performance supports better overall performance.  This capability is also an important skill your personnel need for advancement.  In this work-shop, they will learn how to define a purpose, vision, and mission consist-ent with your corporate plans, perform a gap analysis, evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of alternative strategies, integrate strategy with tactics and the availability of human and financial resources, and communi-cate their plans in a manner that enhances organizational alignment.   

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Networking Skills

Contrary to widespread belief, net-working is not about attending mixers and group events.  It's the technique of leveraging your existing contacts to obtain introductions to new business prospects.  And, it's one of the two most powerful approaches for expand-ing your client base (the other is Pull Marketing).  Such introductions serve as implied endorsements and can greatly help you turn new relationships into revenue.  In this workshop your personnel will learn and practice prov-en techniques for expanding networks within a client organization to support cross-selling, and to other organiza-tions.  They will also learn how to properly use the favor bank to increase revenue and profitability while gaining new clients.

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Pull Marketing Skills

This powerful tool for economically expanding your client base (i.e., de-livering a presentation at a client-rich event) is the most underutilized busi-ness development approach for most firms.  And, when it is employed, it's often directed at the wrong audience.  In this workshop your employees will learn how pull marketing works and how they can personally leverage it to increase their ability to identify new clients and bring in more revenue.  Moreover, while under the guidance

of our instructor during the workshop they will prepare a list of three pull marketing topics, outline their presen-tations, identify appropriate venues, and develop the submittal package so they will be well on their way to applying for speaking opportunities.

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Creativity & Innovation

Every firm likes to believe they are innovative, but the reality is that most firms aren't using anywhere near their full creative potential.  This is because by age 12 the average person uses only two percent of their creative ca-pacity.  This creativity is not lost, but lies dormant until a particular stimulus is applied to release it.  This means that your firm can be one or two orders of magnitude more creative if you know the right tools for releasing the latent creativity of your employ-ees.  In this unique, educational, and entertaining workshop your employ-ees will learn how to unlock creativity and innovation with an array of techniques that can be immediately applied to take your firm's innovation to an entirely new level.  

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Customized Training


The list of training workshops des-cribed on this website is a small sample of our programs, which cover

a wide range of leadership, marketing & sales, operational, financial, plan-ning, and supervisory topics .  Give us a call if you don't see what you need here because we're happy to create a program tailored specifically to your needs.  The training content of such custom programs will be appropriate to your business, highly relevant to your employees' job responsibilities, and incorporate cutting-edge best practices because we have expertise working across 35 different industrial classifications.  Call us at (863) 529-2126 to discuss your specific training needs and we'll prepare a custom curriculum for your review.

What attendees say about our training...

"This is one of the best sessions I've been to with actual demonstrated 'how to' information that I can apply where I work."


"We have had great success over the past few months using some of the ideas and techniques that you provided during your seminar.  We have won 3 out of 4 shortlist interviews which has greatly impacted our win/loss ratio."

"Chuck Roberts really held the attention of the room -- I think everyone left wishing the session was an hour longer because he just kept providing value."

"Excellent!  Bring Chuck back for other topics."

"Concise and informative."

"The presenter did a good job of explaining the material that made it easy for the audience to grasp -- ideas like these are very helpful."

"Thank you for the excellent two days of [PM] training and discussion.  I hope to take your proposal training in the future."

"The class was very beneficial and gave me a new perspective."

"Concise tips and a framework that is sensible and helpful."

"I learned so much in a short time."

"Great content explained clearly."


"Great insight.  After 30 years in the profession, nice to learn something new and innovative.  Thank you!"


"So many new ideas, my mind is blown!"


"Extremely knowledgeable presenter with depth and candor."


"Chuck is very methodical and informative, and pretty humorous." 

"Chuck's presentation style is very easy to listen to, topics were in well-defined segments.  Good summary at end."

"Exceptional content that I can take action on in my role."

"So much knowledge."

"All suggested activities are do-able."

"I enjoyed the time immensely.  It was a very insightful class.  Quite a few 'nuggets' of wisdom and applicable information that I see will aide me in this Project Manager role." 

"Terrific practical tools for our industry."

"Great presenter, engaging content, and super helpful visuals."

"Really good content.  Great tools, simple for most firms to implement."

"Many helpful real-world tips."

"Great info that can be immediately applied."

"The time spent in your Project Manage-ment Training class this past week was awesome.  Thank you!  Your presentation skills are 'off the hook' leaving your audience with much to think about regarding self-improvement...The knowledge and experience you impart, the confidence you exude, and the poise of your presentation made the learning experience very different from any other training I've attended.  It made one want to change.  It was a packed two days with valuable information, but more impor-tantly, it provided a benchmark from which to jump and take hold of the resources and opportunities that are out there 'for the taking'...if you prepare.  Your class was more of an experience than it was training -- thank you again!"

"Thank you so much; it was a great course!   I have been carrying around your notebook and trying to  put your ideas and best practices into the two proposals I currently have  on my plate!"

"Thanks for putting on another inspiring class!"

"Has in-depth examples along with his superior knowledge."

"I really enjoyed your class."

"Thanks for getting our new training program off to a great start!"

"...Thank you for being such an amazing and valued partner."

Coaching...your key to strength

Executive Coaching 2.jpg

Executive Coaching

High performance professional athletes have a coach to guide them in reaching their greatest potential.  Business is no different.  Having a coach is a key to strength, not a sign of weakness.  In fact, employees often perceive leaders who use a coach as an inspiring sign that the leader is receptive to input.  Whether you want to focus on eliminating blind spots or simply have a sounding board, we're here for you when you need us.  

Individual Grooming.jpg

Individual Coaching

Strengthen your organization, reduce your risk exposure, and help your up and coming leaders, partners, and managers be better prepared to accept more responsibility by allowing us to coach them on their weak areas and accelerate their development of well-rounded capabilities.  Your investment in their success makes them feel valued and supported, and goes a long way toward facilitating the achievement of your organizational goals. 

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Group Coaching

You can increase alignment, productivity, and morale through group coaching designed to reduce conflict, enhance teamwork, and facilitate greater efficiency.  Whether it's done within or across business units, group coaching is very effective at aligning personnel along a common purpose, reducing the potential for passive-aggressive and silo behavior, and making the work environment a better place for everyone.  

Presentation Coaching.jpg

Presentation Coaching


Whether your delivering a presenta-tion to win a contract, or an internal message to the employee population, you can rely on us to guide you and your presentation team on matters that have the greatest positive impact on achieving the desired outcome.  You'll learn to leverage proven scientific principles for increasing audience attention, receptivity, comprehension, alignment, unaided recall, motivation, and response. 

Need a keynote speaker for your next corporate event?

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