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Creating Alignment

While many firms focus on establishing or updating their Vision, Mission, and Values (which are all important), they neglect to articulate a clear sense of Purpose, which is what drives organizational alignment and employee engagement.  They also spend a lot of time on SWOT analysis, which has little beneficial effect.  Our approach to strategic planning is very different and produces superior results -- a plan that is more effective because it focuses on issues having the greatest impact, easier to implement because it's structured differently, and produces desired outcomes a higher percentage of the time because it's designed and communicated in a manner that drives greater organizational alignment. 

The Integrated Plan

Strategy is only one of three critical planning components.  Like the fire triangle, where fuel, oxygen, and heat are required for combustion, effective planning requires the integration of strategy (what you will do), tactics (how you will do it), and finances (where the human and financial resources will come from to get it done).  Note that the Purpose, defined under the alignment step described to the left describes why you are doing it.  Many firms struggle to achieve their vision because they focus only, or too heavily, on strategy.  Tactics and finances can make or break any strategy.  You can have us facilitate or guide your planning meetings, or have us prepare a turnkey plan for you addressing every aspect of your organization.  

Critical Communication

The method by which you communicate your plans to the employee population is a major factor influencing their willingness to enthusiastically follow your lead.  Yet, when it comes to persuasive communication, more than 99 percent of all people, including leaders, communicate in a manner that is the exact opposite of the most effective approach.  You can rely on us to show you how to use the cutting-edge science of persuasive communication so that you have a much higher likelihood of economically achieving desired outcomes.  This proprietary approach, called CRACOM     , has been globally recognized as a powerful change leadership tool, can triple your persuasive power, and produces greater organizational alignment. 



Even the most brilliant plans won't produce the best possible outcomes if not executed with discipline, persistence, and patience.  There are two types of leaders:  transactional, and transformational.  Transformational leaders are rare and can also do transactions, but transactional leaders can't do transformations.  So, if your organization lacks transformational leaders you can rely on us for implementation support ranging from monitoring progress and serving as your organization's conscience, to the turnkey launch and transformational leadership of new market segment, service, product, and geographic initiatives.  Once they're underway, we transfer leadership back to your transactional leaders.

Three keys to a superior plan...

A Process-Oriented Approach


Your plan will be more effective when developed using our process-oriented approach because this approach takes into consideration the various interdependencies among market segments, business lines, geographic regions, available human and financial resources, and other factors.  This increases your ability to achieve goals within applicable constraints, and reduces the potential for unintended consequences.  

Analytical Planning Tools


You'll experience less risk, greater employee support, and have a clear understanding of what is required for implementation with our assistance because your plans will be based on a foundation developed using analytical tools.  This includes tools such as force field, three-dimensional positioning, attribute, root cause, and price sensitivity analysis and provides you with a sound and defensible basis for decision-making.

Leveraging the Power of Specialization


Humans learned long ago that some are better at making fires while others are better at making spears, and yet others are better at throwing the spears.  Specialization is what makes civilization possible.  When you engage us to facilitate your planning process you'll get the benefit of our specialized knowledge in planning, and our ability to help you leverage the power of specialization within your own organization.  

Chuck Roberts - Outside Board Candidate.

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You'll receive unparalleled guidance on matters involving governance, leadership, strategy, employee engagement, and best practices with Chuck Roberts on your Board.  This is because he has 40 years of consulting experience spanning more than 35 industries, has held positions as Corporate Director of Business Development, COO, CFO, and CEO of national, multidisciplinary firms, and to date has served as a member on the boards of six private firms (Chairman of two of those Boards), and as Board Advisor for three additional public and private firms. 

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