Strategic Planning

You'll be able to increase revenue and profitability, improve organizational alignment and employee engagement, and better achieve desired outcomes by engaging us to help you articulate a clear purpose and vision, and facilitate your planning process.  The level of assistance is tailored to your needs, from leading meetings to turnkey development of an integrated Strategic, Tactical, and Financial Plan, supporting its implementation, and providing the interim leadership to launch new initiatives.

Training & Coaching

Improve your organization's performance by elevating your employees' capabilities with our training and coaching programs.  Training curricula are customized to your needs and the cutting-edge content is highly relevant because it's developed and delivered by a practicing professional, not just an instructor.  You can also increase productivity, reduce conflict, and lower your cost structure by improving teamwork and your staff's ability to assume more responsibility with our individual and group coaching.

Proposals & Presentations

Increase your return on investment in marketing and sales while improving morale and lowering your overhead by having our published professionals ghostwrite your proposals and presentations, and coach your presentation teams.  You'll win more often because we use a proprietary persuasive communication method that's based on science and has been proven to consistently produce higher scores.  You'll also improve client satisfaction by allowing your staff to stay focused on serving your existing clients.  

Operational Consulting


Position your organization for even greater success with our operational consulting assistance, which includes activities such as market positioning, branding, differentiation, launching new market, service, and geographic initiatives, turning around under-performing business units, and recession-proofing your firm.  You

can also experience productivity gains while lowering your risk exposure with our assistance in the application of best leadership and management practices.  

PMGI Founder & CEO

Chuck Roberts

Why choose PMGI?

Your organization can increase its revenue, profitability, employee engagement, and alignment, and more consistently and reliably achieve its desired outcomes with our assistance.  This is because you'll experience a competitive advantage with our cutting-edge approaches to leadership, communication, professional development, and operations.

When you need us, we're here for you.

Needs don't always occur during business hours.  In fact, it's often when you're lying awake at night worried about how something is going to get done that you need to talk to someone.  That's why our business hours are 24/7.  You're welcome to call us any time during the day or night, or on weekends, to discuss your organization's needs.  

What Chuck and PMGI bring to the table...

Organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 firms have turned to Chuck for his guidance and training on matters involving strategy, marketing and sales, persua-sive communication, conflict resolution, technical issues, and transformational leadership.  This has included private sector firms from more than 35 different industrial classifications as well as Federal, State, Regional, and Local government organizations.  


With a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Virginia, Chuck began his career with a Fortune 100 manufacturing firm and then entered the professional services industry.  Firms he joined advanced him rapidly because of his unique ability to identify the root causes of problems and help them quickly achieve significant performance improvements.  This led to him routinely receiving the most difficult and highest risk assignments that no one else wanted to attempt, ranging from grass-roots office and company start-ups, to launching new strategic initiatives, business unit turnarounds, and the turnaround of a firm within four weeks of going out of business.

Early in his career Chuck also become recognized as an extraordinary rainmaker.  But, in his continued quest to elevate his marketing and sales performance to an even higher level, he conducted research on competitive solicitations to develop a superior approach to persuasive communication (called CRACOM     ) that leverages scientific principles proven to produce desired outcomes a higher percentage of the time.  While firms achieved higher win rates using his methodology, it was discovered that this communication process solved many of their other leadership and communication issues, as well. 


This scientific communication method now serves as the foundation for developing and delivering all of PMGI's training programs, work products, and presentations.  Chuck's high level of career performance led to him holding positions at multidisciplinary national firms that included Corporate Director of Business Develop-ment (Marketing & Sales), COO, CFO, and CEO, and as a consultant providing interim leadership for turnaournds and the implementation of cutting-edge strategies for performance improvement.  

Need a keynote speaker for your next corporate event?

What others say about PMGI...

'...we have had great success over

the past few months using some of

the ideas and techniques that you provided during your seminar.  We have won 3 out of 4 shortlist interviews, which has greatly impacted

our win/loss ratio..."

Managing Principal

Architecture & Engineering Firm

"...his firm's name, Performance Management Group, says it all.  Whether you need planning, training, marketing, sales, a turnaround, or operational assistance, I highly recommend that you choose Chuck's firm to enhance your company's performance."


Leading Environmental Firm

"Chuck has well-rounded skills in planning, operations, and business development, so he understands the big picture and was able to help our firm with a wide range of issues from collections to winning new contracts.  

His behavioral-based business development approach is unique,

and it works.  We were able to obtain

a position on winning teams for contracts that we likely would not have pursued without his help.

I've learned a lot from him."

Chief Administrative Officer

Architecture, Engineering, Environmental, & Construction Services Firm

"I am delighted to write this letter

of recommendation for Mr. Chuck Roberts.  He has worked as our Interim CFO for the past year and a half, and Mr. Roberts has demonstrated outstanding principles and dedication.  His particular financial and performance-based assistance helped us turn around our processes, setting us on a path for exponential growth.  Our results, thanks to Chuck's involvement, speak for themselves...

I highly recommend him to anyone who may need his services."

President & CEO

Construction Company

Business Management Consulting
Professional Development Training & Coaching

(863) 529-2126

Helping you achieve a

higher level of performance


Q:  What geographic areas do you serve?

A:  Your location is within our service area because we work globally from our base of operations in Central Florida.  To date, our most distant client has been in Australia.

Q:  Where and how often do you conduct your training classes?

A:  Training classes are conducted at the client's location or live online on mutually convenient dates.  If it's helpful for your business, training can be conducted in the evenings or on weekends.  COMING SOON: Our Project Management training and some other programs will be offered On-Demand.

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